Friday, November 2, 2012

Random Pictures

I haven't kept up with this blog because things were just going along.  We finished chemo in October.  And waited for the call from Primary Children's.  We go the call on October 24th that we had appointments on Friday Oct 26. At first we thought we were going down for the full three and a half months but instead, Mia and I drove down and back on Friday for the appointment.  We got to spend a couple more days with everybody and left them again on Tuesday Oct 30th. Mia was admitted on Thursday and they started her chemo today.  Today is known as day -6.  They count to zero and that is her transplant day and our 100 day stay starts then.

Jessica at the clinic in Boise during one of Mia's appointments.

Mia's room really can be clean! But it doesn't stay that way very long!

Mia's favorite thing while int he hospital or at the clinic, an IPAD!!  Child Life has then for the kids in Boise, unfortunately not at Primary Childrens'
 This is Jessica and Mia having fun at the clinic with the music lady.

Mia and Allan got to were honored as BYU Thursday's Heros. We got to go to the BYU/BSU game. BSU won 7 to 6

A couple of weeks later after dad came home from Italy we all got to go to Provo for the BYU/Utah game. BYU won 6 to 3

Here are Jessica and Heidi with a BYU Cheerleader

Mia's final round of chemotherapy at the clinic in Boise

Jessica at Heidi's school carnival

Heidi and Jessica competing in the raingutter regatta at the carnival

Mia had a fever and ended up at ST Luke's for 5 days. Here she is making the rounds with her IV pole "Bob"

The sunrise as we drove to Salt Lake for a day of doctor appointments and tests. Oct 26 2012

Mia's class at school. She misses them a lot.  We stopped by on our way out of town on October 30 2012

At the grocery store in Salt lake before she was admitted. Oct 31 2012
Mia after she had her PICC line removed and a new central line ( a power double lumen broviac ( I think that is right:)).  She was supposed to be leaving the hospital after that but her oxygen saturation levels were not coming back up so she was admitted 12 hours earlier than originally scheduled. Nov 1 2012

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