Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day + 7, + 8, and + 9

Well the doctors tell us that we are a boring room!  Nothing very exciting happens here.  Mia's numbers are still down.  She received platelets on Friday and blood on Saturday.  This morning she has already received platelets and she will be getting more.
 Here she is doing some math.
On  Saturday Mia got a package.from a Eric, Krystal and Connor Rodgers.
 It was a book about One Direction!  She was really excited!  Thanks you so much for thinking of her.
Just happy and hanging out.
Mia's not having a problem with throwing up or diarrhea anymore.  She is still on IV nutrition (TPN), only two anti-nausea medicines, neupogen, one anti-fungal, and three antibiotics. Once her counts come back up we will try starting her on food again.

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