Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Waiting

Today at Mia's clinic appointment, her platelets were at 16.  They dropped one in two days.  So we know that she is producing platelets but not quite fast enough.  So we are staying for another clinic appointment on Monday.  We also have an appointment on Tuesday with Radiation at the Hunstsman Institute.  Apparently they do radiation depending on the cancer and whether they think it will do any good.  Our Bone Marrow Doc said that if we need radiation we could probably do it in Boise, but I am pretty sure he doesn't have the last word on it.  Instead it will be up to a Dr Poppy.

The weather has been pretty nice but Mia has no energy.  She didn't throw up at all yesterday or have any diarrhea.  She drank enough fluids and ate some.  The medication they gave her to increase her appetite seems to be working.  We are still on oxygen at night but I think it is getting a little better every day.

Yesterday we drove out to Magna.  We lived there when I was a kid.  We drove by the school where I went to first and part of Second grade.  Mike helped me figure out where the house was.  It all looks pretty much the same, only smaller and dingier.  The empty field at the end of the street is now someone's back yard.  The duplex had the same concrete wall in the back.

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  1. I just found your blog because you left such a sweet comment on mine:) I don't know this whole story of what is going on with Mia, but it looks rough and you have such an amazing and optimistic attitude! You are just the mother she needs!! I also can see what an amazing spirit she has - all that hardship and every picture she has a huge smile on her face! Keep being amazing!!