Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Latest Check-Up

     Mia had an appointment on Wednesday just to check her numbers again.  They have fallen more.  Her numbers have been steadily falling since about the first of February.  We thought maybe it was just a little cold or virus or something.  But her Neutriphil count is at 420 which is very low and makes her nuetropenic. Which means we can't take her anywhere unless we absolutely need to and then she has to wear a mask.  Her hemoglobin has also been coming down and is now at 8.6.  She may very well need a blood transfusion soon.  And last but not least her platelet count is down to 20.  It was at 34 last week.  If it gets much lower she will also need a platelet transfusion.  After talking with the nurse practitioner we made another appointment for next week to check counts again.
     A couple of hours later I received a call back from her letting me know that she had spoken to Mia's doctor, Dr. Camillo.  We still go in next week but if her counts don't look better she will be having another bone marrow aspiration.  Asked the nurse what they would be looking for and her answer was evidence of relapse or anything else that might explain why she is not doing well.  I reminded her that the two previous bone marrows should nothing even when we knew that Mia had cancer.  So I am not sure how I will feel about the results of the bone marrow.  I don't know if I can trust a negative answer.  The nurse was also in contact with the doctors at Primary Children's and they have ordered additional bloodwork to test for infections or viruses that may have reactivated in her system.
     I hope it doesn't take too long long to find out what is going on.  The not knowing is so very hard.