Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day - 2

Well Mia was in a much better mood today.  The night nurse didn't give her any atavan, one of her nausea medicines.  It tends to make her very sleepy.  I think maybe that helped her be a little more upbeat.  She watched High School Musical 3 while I ran an errand.  A child life volunteer came in and they made fake snow and filled a glove with it.  She also ate some potato chips and a whole mozarella stick.  That is more food than she has eaten in five days. Today was her last day getting etoposide and ara-c.  Tomorrow is her last day on chemo.

I had to find a Jo-Ann fabrics to get another spool of quilting thread for Heidi's quilt.  I am making lots of progress on it and hope to finally have the quilting done by Thanksgiving.

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