Thursday, November 8, 2012

DAY ZERO!!!!! Bone Marrow Transplant Birthday!!!

Last night Casey arrived from Boise to surprise Mia for her special day.  This morning she was so happy to see him.  Last night she threw up several times causing her to throw up her feeding tube.  So the nurses took it out and she got to have a whole day without it.  She got a new one put in tonight before bed.  Because of her nausea she is getting higher doses of her anti nausea medicines tonight.
 Here they are together playing a game on Nickelodeon.  Mia enjoys playing some computer games.
 Mia got to have a nice shower completely unhooked from her IV pole.
 Here we are getting cosy!
 Hugs and kisses!
 Finally 3:00 pm and transplant time.  Her stem cells arrive from cold storage.  They are transported at negative 315 degrees  in the container below.
 For the party lots of doctors and nurses came in to sing for us.  Mia  now has a new birthday.

 A sign to decorate her room.
 Doctor in training , Kristen our social worker, Dr. McManus, Hillary child life specialist, and Brenda one of the BMT nurse practitioners.   Mia got presents for her birthday.  The quilt was one a young man made and donated for his Eagle project.  Hospitals receive lots of small baby quilts but they do not get very many large quilts.  They can always use more large quilts.
 Caitlin, our nurse for the day.  She was wonderful and we hope we get her again.  She is holding one of the two bags of stem cells.
This is the small metal container that held her stem cells.
The stem cells are kept frozen until just moments before they are transfused.  Then they defrosted in a high tech manner, warm water in a bowl.
 Hillary writes backwards very nicely.  Mia's door window now says "Happy BMT Birthday Mia!"
 It was a long day.  Mia was worn out by 5pm.  And it was time for daddy to start home for Boise.
We were both so glad to have him for a few hours.  We miss the whole family.  But every day is a day closer to our coming home.  Plus Doctor McManus said that is possible we could go home a little earlier than 100 days if everything is going well.  I am not planning on anything less than 100 days though which makes it February 16, 2013.
Here is everyone singing to Mia!

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