Monday, November 5, 2012

Day - 3

Today Mia was rather emotional and tired all morning.  It was probably the combination of the three anti-nausea medications that she is on.  She receives one every two hours to help keep her tummy happy.  She is already tired of the hospital and wanting to go home.  She also misses daddy and her sisters.  (Sorry Allan and Andrew, she has said nothing about you:)).  She was playing on my phone so I thought I would take a picture of her, but then I realized that I have to use the phone to take the picture. Duh!  
Here she is thinking about daddy tickling her!

Out our window we can see the construction of a new office building for Primary Childrens'.  In the distance I can see the Salt Lake City temple.  I wish I could take a picture but alas my phone is no good with distances like that.  A nurse mentioned the lovely view of the construction and my immediate reaction was that I wasn't looking at the construction but rather the temple.  That is where I focus my eyes when I gaze out the window.  I think that there is probably a really deep spiritual metaphor somewhere there but I am not very good with words.

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