Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catch Up

On Tuesday August 28th Mia went in for stem cell collection.  It went very well.  they like to collect 5 million cells and with Mia they got 9.25 million.  We were able to return home to Boise on Wednesday.  since then she has had a PEt Scan and a CT scan to check on her progress.  The PET scan shows a lot less activity, which means that there are not as many cancer cells in her body as there were when we started.  Mia has been handling all this really well.  A couple of nurses at Primary Childrens made that comment that Mia is always smiling and that they don't see that too often.  And she does smile a lot.  Sometimes I don't realize how bad she is feeling because she is smiling until she starts to feel better.  Then she smiles even more!

Mia has had her fourth round of chemotherapy.  She hasn't lost any more hair.  She is up to 86 pounds.  I took her to school last week for a couple of hours.  She was so happy to see her friends and teachers.  She really misses church.

We have nothing planned for this week except blood checks and IV IG.    She is scheduled for her fifth round of chemotherapy on Monday the 17th.  Things are moving along at a nice pace and I expect that she and I will be headed to Salt Lake for her transplant by then end of October at the latest.

On a side note Casey left for 3 1/2 weeks in Italy on Friday.  It is hard to have him gone but life goes on and he needed to do this for work.  I miss him a lot.  He keeps me centered and calmer and nicer.  Also he gets the boys up for school and now I have to.  6 am is just so early!


  1. Sure am glad to heat things are going well for Mia! Good luck with the early mornings mom!! know that there are many of us out here cheering you all on and sending up.lots of prayers!

  2. Thanks for the's always good to hear good things are happening. We also have noticed the "smiling" Mia! It was nice she could visit her school friends for a little bit. We continue to offer prayers in Mia & families behalf....HUGS!