Monday, August 27, 2012


So yesterday Mia and I had the opportunity of attending Primary Childrens Branch for Sacrament.  It was very nice.  As soon as we got back from the meeting we collected our stuff, signed the discharge papers and took ourselves back to the Ronald McDonald house to wait for her counts to reach the magical number.  Today they did!!! So we are scheduled for collection tomorrow!!  This can be done in one day but sometimes requires a second day.  If so Mia will stay overnight in the hospital.  Either way we should be headed for home sometime on Wednesday.  We are very excited!

This morning after we left the clinic we began a hunt to find the grave of Vincent Shurtleff, my Great-great-grandfather.  According to the internet he was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.  The cemetery is only a few blocks from the Ronald McDonald house.  At the office there we discovered that he was never buried at SLC cemetery but was actually at Mount Olivet cemetery also in SLC.  It is only about a mile from SLC cemetery so off we went.  We got the grave location from the office and started our search.  It took a bit because I didn't know if there would be a grave marker.  But there was!  We found the grave.

Vincent, Mary, and Lyman F are all on the same marker.

Ellen wife of H.C. Shurtleff was on another marker by herself.

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