Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to the hospital

Yesterday Mia and I went to clinic at Primary Children's for a check on her blood counts. Mia was running a fever ans so was admitted to the hospital. She received two more units of blood. This morning her hemoglobin was at 1.9 so she is getting two more units today. Her platelets were at 13 so she got platelets this morning. She is on a couple of broad spectrum antibiotics while we wait for the blood cultures to come back. Good news though, her chest X-ray came back clear so she doesn't have pneumonia, yet. There are also some tests checking to see if or why Mia's red blood cells are breaking down. Apparently there can be some break down when red blood cells are given because antibodies in the patient and the donor blood may not match up perfectly. Also she may not be making any red blood cells at the moment as a side affect of the chemo. So we are back to waiting for tests for answers.

Here is the view from our window.

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