Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good Day!!

Today was a good day!  Mia's red blood cell count stayed up!  So no blood today.  She hasn't had a fever since Early Friday morning.  Last night  as I left I was worried about her tube feeding because it seemed to be making her nauseous. But she did fine and was able to take it all night.  She has been maintaining her weight and I am so glad.  Mia is so good about smiling all the time that I don't realize how sick she really is until she starts to feel better.  Today she was Miss Giggles all day long.  One of the techs told me as I was leaving tonight that every time she passed Mia's door Mia would smile and wave at her.  She said it was so nice to see and that it wasn't like most of the patients here,  I was missing our hospital in Boise a little because we know many of the nurses and even when we aren't their patient they will often stop in just to say hi.  But we are starting to get to know the nurses here also.

On a sad note our dog Bo was hit by a car today and died.  Apparently he and Chewy got out of the yard by knocking one of the gates open somehow.  Casey and Andrew saw them right away as they were in the front yard working on the Bronco and went right after them.  Chewy started to come to Casey as he called him, but for some reason he darted out onto Five Mile and Bo went after him  The lady that hit him didn't have time to react.  They got him back to the house and Casey and Sat with him until he passed away.  It hit us all pretty hard.  We have had him for only about 7 years.  And he has been a huge pain in the butt but he was a good dog.

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