Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day + 43

So Mia is doing better.  She is off of oxygen during the day and only on 3/4 of a liter at night. One of her IV meds has been cut down from twice a day to only once a day.  Her platelets are coming up and her other counts are doing well.  We also are unhooking her from her feeds for four hours a day to give her a chance to be free!  Also we hope she will start feeling hungry and want to eat.  She still has a bunch of meds she is on and sometimes it is hard for her to take them all.  W still get out each day.  Our favorite place to go is Liberty Park.  We sit and watch the people.  Mia loves to watch kids playing.  

On Monday she wanted to swing and they have these fabulous swings for handicap children.  She enjoyed that. 
 I have been getting lots of sewing done.  Most of it is for Christmas so there won't be any pictures, but these are the girls' Halloween costumes.  
 Jessica is Belle and Heidi is Dorothy.
Some have asked for our address.  Sorry it has taken so long to get on here.We are at the Ronald McDonald House  935 E South Temple SLC, UT 84102


  1. Mia looks so happy to be swinging and enjoying the outside!! We miss her here at school!