Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day +35

Well we finally got of the hospital on Wednesday the 18th. Mia spent a total of 32 days in the hospital.  Today marks the beginning of our seventh week here in Salt Lake City.  We have 65 more days to spend here unless we can talk the doctors into letting us go home home early or we run into problems.  So far Mia seems to be doing very well.  She hasn't had any graph versus host.  She did have a flat rash covering her whole body but it didn't bother her at all.  The doctors weren't sure what it was and it has gone away now.  She was also retaining quite a lot of fluid but the swelling has finally gone down. She does have thrush in her mouth now.  She is on oxygen and a feeding tube.  She has 10 medications as well as IV fluids.  She tires very easily.  We are trying to walk as much as we can to help clear up her lungs and to increase her stamina.

Mia loves her One Direction headphones and the notes that her Young Womens sent her.  She really loves to hear from those back home!

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