Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day +50

    Today is day 50!  We are  halfway there.  We are in our 10th week here and we have 7 weeks to go.   Mia had a harder week.  She slept a lot so when we went in for our appointment on Monday it was no surprise that she needed red blood cells.  She got two units.  She is also back on oxygen 24/7.  Her nausea has really been bothering her.  Sometimes she actually throws up but mostly she just retches for five minutes.  We had a visit from Aunt Linda and Uncle Steve on Monday.  It was very nice. On Sunday we went to Great Grandma Jackman's and watched the second session of conference.  There is not much else to say.  Our lives are boring and that is a good thing.  Can't wait until we get to go home.  I would love to go home early but I am pretty sure there will be no convincing the doctors that we should.

Mia's toes sporting BSU colors!!

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