Thursday, December 27, 2012


On Monday, Christmas Eve, we were very excited to find out that Mia was ready to come home.  It was a little unexpected but we weren't about to complain!  So we got Mia home and all settled in.  We had a very nice Christmas but didn't take many pictures.  We are worse now about taking pictures than when we used our big camera with film.
 Everyone is waiting to start opening gifts on Christmas morning.  Heidi, Jessica, Mia, Casey

 Allan and Andrew

Heidi with her two favorite presents, an American Girl doll and a new outfit.

Late on Christmas night I was preparing to give Mia one of her nine medications when I realized that I had misread the dosage on her med and I was giving her more than two times the dose.  As I was trying to decide if I needed to call the doctor I noticed that her oxygen saturation level was not staying up and that her heart rate while she was sleeping was at 160.  So I called the doctor and we headed back to the hospital at midnight.  The medication may have contributed, but also Mia's movement and activity during the day were probably just too much for her heart.  After another x-ray and echo and her condition has not changed.  She is on three to four liters of oxygen during the day and at night.  She is stable and we don't know when she will come home from the hospital this time.

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