Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Birthday Surprise!

Mia had a clinic appointment yesterday.  There we learned that her platelets are still going down.  She was 14 but she did not get a transfusion.  She also is losing a little weight.  So the doctor said we had to be going the other direction for both those things.  All day I kept thinking "why can't we do this in Boise?"  She can get platelets in Boise and we can watch her weight in Boise.  In fact I can probably feed her better when we are home.  So this morning I called and left a message for the nurse practitioner.  I just said that I wanted to talk about getting out of here a little faster.  She called and said we could go home!!  Because today is Casey's birthday we decided to make it a surprise and not tell him that we were coming.  We hurried and packed and cleaned the apartment.  We made it home just before 7pm.  He was SO surprised.  It was great.  Of course Mia and I are thrilled to be home.  Now we just need to get Jessica home from La Grande and we will all be together again.  Sorry no picture.  We were just all so happy to be together we didn't get a picture.

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  1. I bet the familys so excited to have you guys home! Congrats!