Thursday, December 20, 2012

Better News

So Mia had another echo on Saturday.  That echo showed no change in Mia's Heart function.  It wasn't worse but it was no better.  So the doctors were not too thrilled.  Because there is no clear answer as to why her heart failure happened, the doctors had no idea what we could could expect as far as her heart recovering.  There was even some speculation that her heart function may never get better.  So Doctor Derek said we could expect to be in the hospital for two to four weeks, while we wait for the medications to give her heart a chance to recover from whatever happened.  In the meantime, they would continue to wean her off the milrinone onto other heart medications.  Once she was off the milrinone she would have another echo to see if there was any change.  This echo happened on Wednesday morning.  To everyone's surprise Mia's heart function had improved considerably!!!  It is not perfect but it is  close to what it was before her bone marrow transplant.  She is now out of ICU.  She feels pretty good, but gets very tired.
 Dec 11 2012 just after she was taken off the ventilator!
Thursday Dec 13 2012

 Decorating sugar cookies Jessica and Heidi.  I took some cookies to Mia in the hospital and she decorated them.  For some reason I can't get pictures off my phone! 
 Jessica helped me deliver some goody plates. It was so much fun to watch her.  She took the plates all by herself, wore the Santa hat, and told everyone Merry Christmas!  She had a huge smile!! It made my day!
Heidi's been in a choir at school.  She had a performance yesterday.  They all did great!!

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