Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Post Transplant Day 84

Things were going pretty well.  But last week at her appointment on Wednesday, we found out her potassium was really high.  According to the Nurse Practitioner it was "scary" high.  The doctor said they were in a "minor" panic!  High potassium can lead to heart arrythmia which can potentially be fatal.  Not something to be taken lightly!  In the end she was admitted to the ICU.  She received several meds, one to protect her heart, one to help her pee off the potassium and a couple others to protect her kidneys.  She also received several 1000 ml bolus' of fluid to help flush the potassium out.  She only spent 8 hours in ICU and then was moved up to the Immune Compromised Floor where we usually are.  Her potassium came down to an acceptable level.  In the meantime, it was decided that her heart medications along with her cyclosporine were the most likely cause of the high potassium.  She got to exchange 4 of her drugs for one.  I like that!  The one can cause low blood pressure so we have to watch for that.  She was released from the hospital on Friday.

We had our regular appointment yesterday.  Everything is still okay.  Her potassium is still higher than normal but is okay as far as the doctors are concerned.  Her blood pressure is high, but the BMT doctors like it.  The cardiologists do not.  They would prefer it was lower since she has heart issues.  We are getting all of her tests scheduled next week so we can go home!  She has a Bone Marrow Biopsy on Tuesday and a PET Scan on Wednesday!

On Saturday we went to Temple Square.  It was another beautiful fall day.

 Mia liked the Christus the best

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