Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jessica's Harvest and Mia's Transplant

We have had a couple of big days these last two days!  Yesterday we started at 7:30 am.  Jessica got her fifth and final neupogen shot.  Not a peep out of her!  Then she had an IV placed.  She was a little nervous about it but did great.
Here are Jessica and Mia on the morning of Jessica's Harvest.
Daddy and Jessica waiting to go back to have her pheresis catheter placed. 
 Vitals AGAIN!!!
They put the line in with sedation and an ulstrasound.  This is the Utah Jazz room. 
She got a little teary eyed when it was time for mom and dad to leave the room. 
In recovery.  She decided that daddy and mommy made good maids becasue we held her popsicle and her juice. 
On our way up to the fourth floor for the collection.  The nurses upstairs were all upset that we came up on our own.  Apparently she should have been brought up in a gurney because she is not supposed to bend her leg more than 90 degrees. There was a report made to make sure it never happens again!
At the end of a long day.  The collection was finally started about noon.  Six hours later they were done but we had to wait to make sure that enough cells were collected. 
WE got the call that 8.1 million cells were collected.  It was enough.  By the time Jessica was all unhooked and able to go home it was 10:30 pm.  Jessica was absolutely amazing.  WE will forever be grateful for her. 
Today was transplant day. 
Mia and her nurse Janet 
Singing "Happy BMT Day" 
The best thing about a birthday is presents! Both Mia and Jessica got presents.
Starting to get tired.
Here are the nurse and the collection tech checking all the numbers to be sure that theyhad the right cells.
Casey and Jessica left a little later.  Now the real fun begins as we wait to see when Mia will engraph and just how sick she gets.

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