Thursday, August 15, 2013

Days -6, -5, and -4

We are started!.  Mia has handled this chemo very well.  She has to be at the clinic for about two hours, of which only 30 minutes is actual chemo.  The rest of the time is spent waiting.  We have been playing in the afternoons.

 Tuesday afternoon we had a picnic lunch at Liberty park.  The girls both played a whole bunch.  Then we went to City Creek mall and walked around and looked at things.  We were very surprised when we ran into Laura's girls, Caiya and Cassie.  They are in Slat Lake with their other grandparents.  It was so much fun to seen them.

Wednesday after lunch we went to Hogle Zoo.  It was very hot and Mia does NOT like walking around in the heat.  Of course we couldn't keep up with Jessica.  She has so much energy.  The we drove out to Great Grandma Jackman's for a visit.   It is always fun to visit with her.  She is amazing and I am so glad that we will be getting to see more of her in the next few months.  Afterwards we went shopping at the quilted bear.  That place is crazy.  We had been looking specifically for something super special to reward Jessica for good behavior while she has her shots.  We found it there.  She got four Disney princess magnetic paper dolls with their own tins.  Each day after her shot she gets another one.  Today she was a little worried about getting the shot but afterwards she declared that she loves shots!  I sure hope her enthusiasm lasts!

Today we are back with Grandma Jackman for a bit.  We took her shopping for a few things.

Again I have no pictures to share because I can't figure out why my phone is not auto syncing with my account.  I imagine I will stumble across the answer eventually.

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