Thursday, July 18, 2013


Mia's splenectomy was scheduled for Friday July 19th.  We met with the surgeon yesterday and she explained how they do the surgery.  They make 4 small incisions, the largest being about an inch and a half.  then they detach all the small blood vessels and the one large blood vein.  the large one the staple shut and is the only real issue.  If they don't get it just right then it can bleed and they will have to make a larger incision in order to stop the bleeding.  But once the spleen is disconnected from everything, they put a bag in Mia and carefully maneuver the spleen into it.  Then they break up the spleen into little pieces inside the bag and pull it all out through the largest incision.  The surgery should take 2-3 hours and Mia should only have to stay in the hospital 2-3 days.  Because of her low red and white blood cell counts the surgeon wanted her to get more blood today and she will have platelets running into her during the surgery.

So today we were at the clinic for 8 hours receiving red blood cells.

Mia has had a lot of diarrhea for the last couple of weeks.  The docs wanted a sample to test her for C-diff.  Today they got their sample and the test was done and she is positive for C-diff.  Unfortunately once the surgeon heard she immediately said we had to postpone surgery until Mia was all better.  Phone calls were made and the immunologist didn't feel like we needed to wait for a full 10 day course of antibiotics to treat the c-diff.  In the end, the decision was made to put off her surgery until the antibiotics start helping her, probably a couple or three days.  Monday I will let them know how Mia is doing and hopefully the surgery will happen on Monday or Tuesday.

Let's just say I was a little frustrated this afternoon.  But I can only trust that the Lord knows what he is doing, because I sure don't!

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