Sunday, June 9, 2013


We had been contacted by Make-A-Wish about a month ago.  Originally we thought that if we got to do a wish then maybe we could take a family trip.  But it has become obvious that Mia will be unable to travel for a very long time, so we had to think of something else.

 she has been asking for some time for a new desk.  Here is her old one.  It is falling apart and was a hand me down from Uncle James before he joined the military.  She also loves to watch tv, especially netflix.  Obviously this old tv is good for watching dvd's and that is it.
 She spends a lot of time sitting in her room, and we thought that an inclining bed would be very comfortable for her.
 And her dresser is another hand me down that was very hard to open and not big enough for her clothes.  So we asked for a room makeover for her wish.  She was so excited about the whole thing.  She told everyone about it.  All the new furniture, tv and blue ray dvd player were donated and installed by RC Willey
 Getting the tv installed
 Mia with both her new remotes!
 All done!
 Putting in the furniture.  The guys snuck out before I could get another picture.
 Brenda from Make a wish brought over all the decor and new bedding.  While she was putting it all together Mia was banished to the upstairs to wait.  Here she is with Heidi and her cousin Cassie waiting for the big reveal!
 Finally the big moment!  She was so excited.  The room was amazing!

 Mia and Brenda
 Just chilling on her new fabulous bed!
 The hardest part was getting all her stuff back in the room.  But she now has room for her clothes.
Her new desk and nightstand give her lots of room for all her drawing supplies.  We are very thankful for Make A Wish and how quickly they pulled this all together.  Mia is very comfortable in her room.  She has three new best friends, her brother and two sisters.  They all want to spend time in there with her.  I am really glad it worked out like this.  Mia wouldn't have enjoyed a trip as much as she will this room.

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