Sunday, May 26, 2013

Into the Hospital Again

Last Friday, Mia started throwing up.  I knew she was getting dehydrated.  On Monday we went in for counts and discovered she had lost 8 pounds in three days.  Of course some of that was dehydration, she was looking very bad, with sunken cheeks and large eyes.  Also her heart rate was in the 40's.  So instead of going home her doctor admitted her into the hospital.  She now has a feeding tube placed again.  She looks better since she got fluids.  The doctors aren't to concerned about her heart rate because it is probably linked to her malnutrition.  And over the week it has come up some and is now in the 60's.  We got out of the hospital on Friday evening.  She is having a hard time with throwing up.  The cancer drug is most likely the cause of it.  She really doesn't feel well.

On a happy note, we met with the Make-A-Wish people.  Mia has asked to have her room redone with new furniture and tv and an inclining bed.  She is very excited about the TV.  She loves to watch netflix and the TV she has in her room right now is an old one that she can only watch videos on.

The ward held a special fast for Mia on this week.  They had a meeting on Wednesday night at the end of mutual to start with a ward prayer.  I guess there were quite a few people there.  Casey and the boys were there but I was at Heidi's softball game.

I am a fairly private person and sometimes it is hard having everyone aware of what is going on.  I appreciate all of the support and prayers that are offered in our behalf.   I am right in the middle of this and just try to do what needs to be done.  I don't spend a lot of time thinking about where this is all going because it is too hard.  I manage to do a pretty good job until someone asks me how I am doing!

Next week is the kids last week of school.  I can't believe it has already been more than a year since we stared this journey with Mia.  The time has flown.  Jessica and Heidi are growing up so fast and I feel like I am missing it because I have to remain so focused on Mia.  Andrew has one year of high school left and Jessica starts kindergarten.  Crazy!

PS  Sorry I don't have any pictures.  For some reason I can't get pictures off of my phone.  I will have to get it figured out later.

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