Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12th 2014

So the last time I updated Mia was just headed into PICU because of her decreased heart function.  Well she ended up in the hospital until Dec. 29th. Of the 18 days she was in, 15 were spent in the ICU.  she had severe heart failure but the Milrinone she was on helped a bunch.  Once they got the excess fluid out of her she started getting better.  However because of how fragile her lungs and heart are they took a very long time to wean her from the milrinone onto oral heart medications.
So here are some pictures from my phone.
 Here we are leaving the Ronald McDonald house in SLC on Nov. 25th.  That is Lauren next to Mia.  She was one of the great staff members they have there.
 I made three Gingerbread houses and everyone helped decorate them.  Casey, Mia and Jessica were one team.
 Andrew and Allan were another team.  Although Allan wasn't really interested.
 Heidi and I decorated the final house.

 Andrew made his with a basketball hoop and court.  He also made Allan and a basketball.
 Casey, Mia and Jess'
 Heidi and me.
 Jessica got an award for Kindness at school. cant' see her face!
 The Oncology Clinic had a Christmas carnival.  Heidi and Jessica went.  Mia wanted to but she was in the hospital.
 I got rear-ended one day on the way to the hospital.  Didn't actually hurt my car just busted up the plastic bumper.  A guy two cars behind me tried to stop but the road was a little slick.  He was pulling a trailer with a car on it.  He slid into an expedition and pushed the expedition into me.  I am still waiting to get the bumper fixed.
 Feeling pretty good in the hospital.
Heidi at her Winter concert.  She was in the choir and the fifth grade band.
 She decided to try playing the saxophone this year.  She is standing up in the back.
 During the Holiday, the hospital gets lots of visitors and gifts.  This was the firemen of Boise. Jessica was there that day so she got several gifts also.

 We got a very dry snowfall one day.  It was extremely powdery.  So the girls were playing outside and Heidi covered Jessica in snow.

Here we are on Christmas Eve.  We took sugar cookies up to decorated.  Everyone opened their Christmas pajama bottoms and put them on.  We hung up Mia's stocking and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  Then we went home.  Santa filled Mia's stocking at the hospital and left her presents there.  On Christmas morning we had breakfast and opened all the gifts except the ones to and from Mia.  We loaded up and went to the hospital.  There we opened presents with Mia including the ones we got from Santa's Toy Shop. 

 That is a program at the hospital.  Every year they gather together all the donations and put them in a room.  Then a few days before Christmas they take the parents and let them choose as many gifts as they need  or want.

After the presents were all opened we went home and had Christmas dinner.  Both sets of Grandparents were there.  Then just the adults took some dinner back to Mia.  All in all it was a good Christmas.

Mia is continuing to feel and look really well.  Our appointment in SLC last week went really well.  We continue to pray that her recovery will progress unheeded and that she will be able to return to all of her regular activities.


  1. Jennifer - you and your family are amazing. I have a lot of admiration and respect for what you are doing. Keep fighting and know that lots of people are praying for and cheering Mia and you and your whole family on!

  2. cute pictures! good to hear that Mia is doing well!!

  3. Gee, what happened to your car was tough. Talk about piling on an already troubling situation. The least that should occur is for your loved one's condition to improve. Then, maybe you can take a look-see at that rear and find traces of trespass somewhere down the line.