Sunday, April 19, 2009

Food Storage

On Friday I spent some time cleaning/organizing my food storage. I also did an inventory of what I have right now. I was a little surprised by what I found. I have over 400 lbs of white sugar!! But I don't have very much of anything else. So I have been galvanized into action. I am now going to develop my own food storage spread sheet with what my family uses. I looked online and found a book called "Cookin' with Home Storage". It is written by a couple of LDS women and is supposed to have over 500 recipes that use what is commonly stored in food storage. I am thinking of buying it but I really wanted to look at it first before I buy. The library has one copy and it is out and I am the third person in line to get it. I am excited about making a plan for my family. I generally buy plenty extra when things are on sale and I do have enough for probably a couple of months and longer if we were a little careful. But I have never planned for what my family needs to make it for a year. So I am going to start right now!

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