Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We have celebrated four birthdays in the last two months. First was Jessica's first birthday on Jan 24th. She loved all the attention.

Next came Mia and Allan's birthdays, Feb 3 &4. We always celebrate them together since they are only a day apart. I am so glad they don't mind. Mia turned 11 and is constantly reminding me that next year she will be 12 and in YW. This freaks me out just a little.

Allan turned 15 and I can't believe how much that kid can eat! It is truly amazing. We tease him all the time about having a hollow leg.

Since I don't have a digital camera and I still don't have the film back from Heidi's birthday no picture yet, but I will post when I get some back. Heidi turned 6 on Mar 7. She had a week of birthday fun. First a party with friends, then cupcakes at school and finally cake with the family. Of course she thinks she is due all the adoration. I can't believe how big she is getting.

One more birthday at the end of April and the kids will be done for another year. Then it will be time to start planning for Christmas!

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